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One of the greatest chess Masters Bobby Fischer once said that “you can only master the game of chess if you love the game”. This statement of his is absolutely correct. Bobby Fischer has a great influence on today’s chess players. Bobby Fischer is considered one of the greatest legends in the world of chess. By reading about the game of Bobby Fischer one can learn and improve the game of chess. If anybody wants to master the game of chess they can learn various different chess tactics, Polgar method, master method chess from an online chest platform called Chessondemand. If someone is interested in learning the game of chess the person should start learning the game in their early stage of life. Although we can learn this game at any stage of life. A mind of a kid is more enthusiastic and search for learning new things. Slowly a person can develop their passion for this game and the game can even become an obsession for some people. Initially, you can play chess online platform with a computer-like Chessondemand. Let’s have a look at some reasons why chess is the love of everyone.

  • Requires minimal physical activity

Chess is a way more different game from games like football basketball volleyball cricket etc. This game demands less physical activity and less strenuous activity. There are no chances of getting injured in this game. Sometimes a player may have hand cramps, headaches, eyesores, and jet lag. But there are no chances of any major injury. When a player is defeated by a young player then there is a possibility of hurting their Pride. There is nothing major destructive in this game.

  • Stimulates the brain. 

Chess is a game of intelligence and determination. the main goal in the game of chess is to find the loopholes and weaknesses in the game of your opponent and develop your own strategies. All this task in the game of chess requires logic, memory, calculation skills, good chess tactics, and psychology to eliminate the pieces of your opponent and make your way to win the game. Through the Polgar method and master method chess, a person can develop all the skills and learn how to win the game.

  • Easy and fun to learn. 

It has been found that people enjoy learning chess. Some people find this game super fun as they like to understand what is happening on the board of chess and making strategies for their win again somebody. If you also want to learn this one game you need to visit chessondemand. There you can learn this game through different videos or purchase DVDs.

  • A relatively silent game.

The game of chess is the most silent game you will ever see. During the game, you could only hear the sound of seconds hand movement or the sound of friction between the movement of the pieces on the board. When the situation is tensed in the game one can also hear the sound of a heartbeat, grinding of teeth of players, dropping of sweat, pressing of fingers, twisting of Palms, etc. The struggle of the player can be easily understood from all these sounds.

  • Intricate psychological aspect. 

One of the strongest female chess players Judit Polgar once said that chess is a game of psychology for about 30 to 40%. People who love playing chess feel satisfied when they see that their opponent realizes that they have lost deposition and have no chance to win the game. Feel a sense of oven when they see their opponent watching the defeat.

  • No issues with space or equipment.

The game of chess is very cheap and requires less space to keep the equipment. The game of chess needs not much investment or space. All that is required is a chessboard and chess pieces. Both of these things are not much costly and can be placed anywhere without covering space. You can play this game wherever you want. If a person does not have money and has a passion to play this game then they can play the game by using the scrap available in the house and make a chessboard and their pieces. This game needs passion and dedication. 

This mind game is love for many people all over the world. With less investment and more mental abilities, this game has gained popularity among all age groups. If you love this game and want to learn or improve the game then you must visit chessondemand. There you can learn the Polgar method, master method chess, and chess tactics to win the game.

Reasons Why Everyone Loves Chess | Chessondemand

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