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Chess Tricks

Chess is a board game that has 64 squares arrangements in an eight by eight grid. The game of chess is played by two people. The game begins with 16 pieces with each player. The most powerful piece in the game of chess is Queen and the least powerful piece in the game of chess is a pawn. The game of chess ends when the king of any of the one player is targeted and eliminated. The game of chess is a strategic and tactic game. Each player in the game commands the Army of 16 chessmen which includes king, queen, bishops, knights, rooks, and pawns. By using chess tactics a player has to checkmate the king of the opponent.

The objective of the checkmate is to place the opponent’s king into a situation where the king cannot escape. Basically, there are three stages in the game of chess the first stages opening stage, the second is the middle game, and the third is the endgame. If a player strategy plays Chess openings then the player has higher chances to win the game.

Let’s have a look at some of the tips and tricks that may help a player to master this game and win the game.

  • Keep track of your opponent’s move
    To become a great player it is important for a player to analyze the moves of his opponent. You should know that what made your opponent make a particular move. Keep a check that whether your piece is safe or in danger. Always use your chess tactics and build your strategies according to the moves of your opponent.
  • Try to make the best possible move
    Think twice before making any move. Ask a few questions to yourself before you make any move. These questions can be, does my move help me to defend myself against the threat of the opponent? Will my move make my piece safe or not? Is there any other option available for me? By answering some of these questions, you will be able to make the best possible move.
  • Take control of the center
    While playing the game player should always try to control the four scares in the center of the board. The reason behind this is that pieces placed on the center of the board piece more control over a large area of the board rather than pieces placed anywhere else on the board. Along with this if the pieces are placed on the center square of the board, then it makes it easy to travel from one side of the board to another.
  • Be quick
    It is essential for a player to be quick in the game. The timing plays an important role in this game. A player needs to act properly at a right time. Instead of moving pieces all over the board, a player needs to decide the best square on the board and make the moves of the pieces in order to reach that position within a few moves. This helps a player to save a lot of time for the endgame.
  • Protect the king all the time
    The game of chess ends when the king of either of the players killed. The aim of this game is to checkmate the king of the opponent. Always protect your King from your opponent and try to castle your King in every possible manner. Great chess openings can help you to build a great castle for a king.
  • Plan well
    If a player thinks to attack the piece of the opponent, then the attack needs to be well planned. The player should not give their opponent any time to defend their piece. Your pieces need to work in proper coordination so that they can build their strength against your opponent.
  • Plan your endgame
    The endgame is the last phase in the game of chess. Every Move made by a player can make a chance for a player to win the game at the end. That is why it is crucial for every player to well plan their endgame in order to turn the tables for the opponent.

There are various chess tactics and Chess openings, tips and tricks that a player should learn to win the game. Chessondemand is an online chess learning platform. From Chessondemand, anyone can learn this game by watching videos, purchasing DVDs, and playing online.



Some Chess Tricks that Helps to Win The Game | Chessondemand

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