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Susan Polgar Chess

Learn Chess The Easy Way 1-14

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Introduction :

Presents The Best Begining DVD ever produced. This Dvd of Susan Polgar Chess method is by far the best ever made to teach absolute beginners how to play the world’s greatest game.

Susan Polgar with the aid of great graphics and animation will teach you how to play the two Recommended for everyone!!!! This DVD covers lessons in, tactics, checkmates, rules, notations, setting up the board and everything there is to know for a beginner to learn how to play chess.

Guarantee To Improve your chess tactics Receive private Chess lessons from the Grand Masters for a fraction of the cost!

We guarantee you a complete refund if you don’t improve your chess skills and rating after watching these Lessons.

Tactical elements :

  • Fork attacking two pieces or attack a piece and threaten to give checkmate (8 puzzles)
  • Pin (making, using) absolute pin, relative pin (8)
  • Skewer (5)
  • Discovered attack (8)
  • Double check (5)
  • Trapping pieces (5)
  • Removing the guard / Deflection (6)
  • Intermediate move (6)
  • Pawn promotions (3)
  • Back rank problem (5)


Volume 5 : Bobby Fischer’s Most Brilliant Instructional Games and Combinations

Susan Polgar will share with you the experiences she had with Bobby Fischer. Early in her chess career, Susan answers some of the questions everyone wants to know; like who would of won a Fischer Karpov match in 1975, the impact Fischer had on chess, what she learned from Bobby and how he compares with today’s best. Susan will also take you through 5 highly instructive susan polgar chess tactics, games, combinations and lessons. So let one World Champion take you through another World Champion timeless masterpieces, which will certainly enhance your chess Knowledge and ability.

Donald Bryne – Fischer 1956 : One of Bobby’s most famous games ever

Fischer – Robatsch 1962 : Attack with opposite side castle

Robert Byrne – Fischer 1963 : How to develop and then open the position, and use the inaccuracies of your opponent

Fischer – U. Geller 1968 : King’s Indian Attack, making a plan, open files

Fischer – Tigran Petrosian 1971 : solated pawn

In this game, Bobby Fischer showed his versatility by playing a superb positional game. He exploited blacks weaken isolated pawn; open files penetrated to the 7th rank and activated his King. This game further demonstrated that Bobby was not only a great tactical player but a great positional one also.

Bobby Fischer’s Greatest Combination

On Disc One, Susan shares with you 3 of her best and highly instructional games on how a GrandMaster thinks, reasons and approaches each move. This DVD will help you to take these easy to follow ideas and principles and apply them to your own games.

On the second disc, the Polgar sisters Susan, Sofia, and Judit along with their parents give their first public appearance in over 10 years. The Polgar sisters reunite for a historic 81-board Triplex Simul, where each sister will alternate moves at every board. This DVD also contains interviews, a questions-and-answers session with the Polgar Family, and a bonus lecture by Susan on her Susan Polgar Chess method, chess principles, chess tactics, and combinations.

So sit back and enjoy a fun and wonderful experience with the Polgar Family at this year’s National Open held in Las Vegas.

The Colle-Zukertort System – Over 2 hours of running time. This DVD Susan will teach you an exciting and dynamic easy to learn the system to play The Colle- Zukertort. Susan Polgar brings you 20 years of her own experience with this opening which is perfect for the PLAYER WHO ONLY wants to spend 1/10 the time it normally takes to master an opening. So, If you are looking to avoid well known deeply analyzed.

Essential Basic Endgames-Part 1-3

It is essential to know how to play and win your Endgames. In fact, Endgames are more essential to learn than openings. On this 3 Part DVD series, Susan Polgar will share with you her experiences, exciting battles, and won games from the first opening she ever learned at the early age of 4.

Although the French can be complex, the main benefit is there are not many long and forceful lines compared to other openings. Susan will teach you the key to learning French, to understand the pawn strategies, tactical motifs, and basic plans.

(Short v. Timman Candidates match)

Note :the best of the action, expert analysis, and the players’ views

9: Kasparov-Short 1993 World Championship Match 90 minutes – Kasparov-Short 1993 World Championship Match Behind the scene story of the 1993 story exclusive footages of Kasparov and Short World Championship Match, game comments, what led two enemies to team up to break from Fide to start there own Professional Chess Association and how it divided the chess world, plus lots more. Editor GM David Norwood reports on Oakham 1992 (Kramnik and Shirov played).

Improve your chess – Planning

10: Intel Grand Prix MOSCOW 1994 Kasparov, Anand, Short -Purchase GM Daniel King 90 minutes.Grandmaster Video Magazine #10. A star lineup – Kasparov, Anand, Short, Kramnik, Adams, Ivanchuk, Timman, Vyzhmanavin, Kamsky, Smirin, Azmaiparashvili, Ehlvest, Malaniuk, Yudasin, Shirov and Korchnoi battle for $160,000 in the first leg of the Intel World Chess Grand Prix. With live coverage from the Kremlin, Moscow you’ll see round by round highlights with all the key games. Watch out for: A series of dramatic time trouble escapades.Amazing sacrifices from Shirov and Vyzhmanavin.Lightning play by Indian speed star Vishy Anand.Kramnik’s brilliant victory over World Champion Kasparov.Fascinating and instructive games from every round.

11: Intel Grand Prix N.Y. Kasparov, Kramnik, Ivanchuk -with GM Daniel King.This is.. Grandmaster Video Magazine #11. Spectacular knock-out chess from New York as the world’s top players, Kasparov, Kramnik, Ivanchuk, Adams, Anand, Korchnoi, Nikolic, Smirin, Tiviakov, Vaiser, Malaniuk, Vyzhmanavin, Benjamin, Kamsky, Short and Judit Polgar fight for prize money of $160,000.With live coverage, you’ll see round by round highlights with all the key games and the best of the action includes Korchnoi’s illegal move Judit Polgar’s destruction of Nigel Short Virtuoso play from Ivanchuk.Kasparov’s sacrifices against Kramnik 85 minutes.

12: Intel Grand Prix LONDON 1994 World Championship GM Daniel King 90 minutes -Grandmaster Video Magazine #12. The Intel World Chess Grand Prix moves to London where the world’s top players are joined by a Pentium powered computer as they battle it out for total prize money of $160,000. With live coverage, you’ll see round by round highlights and all of the key games.

Includes :

  • The Pentium’s shock victory over Garry Kasparov
  • The precocious chair-swiveling Vladislav Tkachiev
  • Vladimir Kramnik’s class act
  • Vishy Anand gives the Pentium a lesson
  • A nerve-jangling finale as Vasily Ivanchuk misses a mate in one!

Outfox your opponents with:

  • The latest Opening theory
  • Opening Repertoires
  • Tactics and Chess Strategy
  • Step by Step opening Plans and Ideas
  • Train yourself Chess Course from Novice to Expert

Susan Polgar Learn Chess The Easy Way 1-14

Volume 1 – 18 | Duration 23 Hours 38 min


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More About Opening Middle & Endgame Series

The center position is the best place on the board of chess because their pieces can go fast and easily to any place on the board. So, You will try to control the center position. In the opening and middlegame you should try to control the minimum two squares out of 4 from the center. It will be good to control as many squares as possible from center. In the endgame, try to place your king close to the center because at that position king become strong. In this, all the activities will be directed by considering the center place. Before attacking the other person you need to secure the center first. In case, if the other person tries to attack you the best react to it will be a counter-attack in the center.


Cunning opening plans and ideas

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