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Foxy Chess Videos Series Covers Chess Openings

Foxy Chess Repertoires, Middle and Endgames as well as Tactics and Chess Strategy View Now

Outfox your opponents with:

  • The latest Opening theory
  • Opening Repertoires
  • Foxy Chess Videos of Tactics and Chess Strategy
  • Step by Step Chess openings Plans and Ideas
  • Train yourself Chess Course from Novice to Expert

Opening Middle & Endgame Series

Volume 1 – 186 | Duration 350 Hours

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More About Opening Middle & Endgame Series

Opening starts with first 10-15 moves. In Foxy chess videos, Openings moves are predetermined moves that you will be going to play. Your opponent will also be playing his opening moves. Generally, these moves are similar because the opponent is smart enough to exploit your positional disadvantages and you end up winning the game easily. The middle game is the one where all the actions take place. The middle game is played like a magician, you’ve to play this game strongly else you will lose. Then there comes the endgame. To become great at chess you need to learn how to solve endgame puzzle. The chess will improve your memory power and make students better in calculation. It’s a beautiful game! Cunning opening plans and ideas
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