Volume 0176: The London Part 2


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Foxy Vol. 175, 176, 177Play The London System Like Kamsky and Kramnik

GM Ron W. Henley

1.d4 d5 2.Bf5…..

The most extensive dvd content ever produced on The London. Black will have a difficult time meeting the London. There are 87 games presented from top GM’s, like Kamsky Kramnik & Carlsen, lots of quick wins that are easy to learn. This 3 part dvds are for all levels and playing strength from Scholastic players to anyone that wants to become a Master.

Foxy Vol. 175, 176, 177 The London System

Complete System for White 1.d4 d5

3 Part dvd set-13 hours of easy to learn content

The London System is a great opening for the Scholastic Tournament Player as well as anyone inspiring to become a Master. On these dvds, GM Henley brings you through 87 highly instructive games that will take you through the opening middle and endgame. You will be able to learn the ideas and concepts of this opening which will help you rack up some quick wins.

This is the most extensive Dvd content ever produced on The London. Learn how to Play like GM amsky, Kramnik as even World Champion Magnus Carlsen

Vol.175 Early History 26 Highly Instructive Games 4 hours 23 mins.

Caro-Kann Exchange Variation

Vol.176 23 Highly Instructive Games 4 Hours 23 mins.

Black Plays …Qb6 & …c4

White plays 10.Bxc4!

Black Plays …e5, c5 & 5…Bg4

Black Plays 5…Bf5

6.Ngf3! E6 or 6Ngf3 Qb6 7.Nh4!

Black Plays …c5, & 5…Qb6

Classical Setup …e6


Vol.177 38 Highly Instructive Games in 4 hours 37 mins,

Classical Setup …e6

Slav Setup 2…c6

Symmetrical 2…Bf5

Semi-Slav Triangle …c6 & …e6

Chigorin Set-Up 2…Nc6 and Trompowsky Reversed 2…Bg4

Volume 0176: The London Part 2
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