Beating the Sicilian



Volume 0016: c3 Sicilian

Volume 0023: f4 Sicilian

Volume 0030: Kopec Anti-Scillian System

Volume 0036: Morra Gambit Accepted

Volume 0037: Morra Gambit Declined

Volume 0046: Sicilicide

Volume 0049: Strangling The Sicilian with 2.d3!

Volume 0183: A Shock Against The Sicilian – Tournament player

Volume 0048r – Complete Universal f4 System for White

Volume 0081r -Easy and Promising Way for White to Play Again

Volume 0083r: taggering New Novelities in the Gran Prix, Grunfel

Volume 0086r: Highly Instructive and Educational games

Beating the Sicilian
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