Volume 0167: Ruy Lopez exchange


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Foxy DVD Series – Vol 167

Secret opening weapons are getting harder to discover, but on this all-new Foxy Openings DVD, we think we have achieved just that!

Surprise and shock your opponents by employing the Exchange Variation of the Ruy Lopez. All is well known in the main line 4.Bxc6 dxc6 5.0-0, but not so after our chosen move revealed on this video!

White may play for attack directly or engage in the usual engame battle, where he starts with the upper hand. A knowledge of this unusual line will surely bring in the points!

FIDE Senior Trainer and IM Andrew Martin is perhaps the most well-known chess presenter in the world and uses all of his experience and skill to make the right opening choices for you, so that you can improve your results.

Volume 0167: Ruy Lopez exchange
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