Volume 0140-0143 The Sicilian Dragon Series


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The Sicilian Dragon Series
Vol. 140 Easy Way to Learn How to Play The Sicilian Dragon 2hours 6 mins. “Gaining The Winning Edge” GM Timur Gareev (Currently Ranked in the top 100 Players in the World ) Presents on this DvD the thematical ideas and motives in The Sicilian Dragon. GM Gareev covers the key ideas and tactical routes for Black to gain a counter-attacking edge. Also Modern Examples-Mastering the sharpest theoretical variations and understanding White’s attacking motives. Material is made easy to understand and learn by avoiding long complicated lines.

This Dvd Dragon Series covers lines for both White and Black. TheDvD starts with Introduction and continues on to the first step of classic examples by Simagin.
2. phase is understanding white’s attacking motives: Karpov-Kortchnoi.
3. phase is engaging in theoretical battles:Modern Elite Chess examples.

This DvD serves to introduce the player to the thematical ideas and motives in Dragon variation. GM Timur discusses the key ideas and tactical routes for black to gain the counter-attacking edge.


Simagin Classic Games: fundamentals & key ideas


Karpov-Kortchnoi- White’s flawless execution of the plan-Gaining awareness of opponent’s potential.

Elite Chess: Modern Examples-Mastering the sharpest theoretical variations. ”

Vol. 141

The Sicilian Dragon Series 2hours 36 minutes
Beating TheYugo-Slav Attack 9.0-0-0
with 9….d5 Part 1
Presented by:

GM Timur Gareev & GM Ronen Har-Zv White plays 9.0-0-0 leaving the Bishop on f1 this is a serious alternative in the Yugoslav attack instead of 9. Bc4. White goes immediately for a kingside attack while Black counters with 9…… d5 avoiding long forced tactical moves. On this dvd GM Gareev and Har-Zv they recommends a more strategically positional approach giving new ideas for Black resulting in lots of wins at the highest level. This Series covers lines for both White and Black

Vol.142 121 minutes

Beating TheYugo-Slav Attack 9.B-c4 Part 2 Unleashing The Chinese Dragon

The Chinese Dragon is a solid way for Black to get a Winning edge against the Yugo-Slav Attack. Black’s attack is quicker and rich with tactics and sacrifices. Easy to learn less to memorize after white plays 9.Bc4 Black can Play N-a5, B-d7, R-b8, b5! This system has recorded great results at the highest level. Now White has to be worried about getting checkmated! Material is presented for White & Black Gm Timur Bareev

Asian Champion U-14 Completed GM norm requirements at age 15 Winner of Chicago Open 2011, US Open 2011, National Open 2010, Liberty Bell Open 2008, 2009, Land of the Sky 2012, Arizona International 2009, 2010 Won games vs. GMs Van Wely, Akobian, Shabalov, Kudrin, Ramirez Born in Tashkent Uzbekistan in March 3, 1988. My grandfather taught me how to play chess at the age of six. I practice the game regularly challenging my father, friends, and schoolmates. At the age of eight I played my first rated competition. I started succeeding in my improvement very fast winning most of the national events. At the age of 10 I played at expert level strength. I would dedicate 4-6 hours every day mastering the game on my own and working with my coach Georgi Borisenko. Soviet Master Borisenko had coached and collaborated with World prominent grandmasters and world champions including Nona Gaprindashvilli, Semen Furhman, Mark Taimanov, Naum Rashkovsky. It was an honor to receive the knowledge of classical chess school. At the age of 12 I went for my first serious international event and conquered the title of Asian Champion U-14 years old at Bikaner, India. Within several years of intense preparation I reached an IM level strength. It took three Fide rated tournaments to take me from 2191 to 2430. After intense training I was presented the opportunity to go for GM title. I got all of my norms playing only few events. Competing in Ukraine I successfully challenged legendary GMs Kupreichik and Kholmov. In the upcoming years I competed in two World Olympiads in Calvia and Turin. Upon coming to the US in 2005 I actively engaged in collegiate chess. I represented UTB at the first competitive team events. I won individual first place at Southwest Open and Collegiate Texas Team Championship 2006 inspiring the University to take chess to the next level. Within several years I got to represent University of Maryland Baltimore County winning Final Four 2009. Past summertime I reinvented the game winning most of the competitions I played. My coach Ronen Har Zvi inspired me towards fulfilling my vision for chess success. I transformed my mindset and adopted empowering habits across major parts of my lifestyle. Opening improvement and successful psychology allowed me to come out victorious and demonstrate outstanding performance in Chicago Open, US Open, World Open, LA International in the year 2011, and recent Land of the Sky 2012. Currently Ranked in the Top 100 in the world Ronen Har-Zv Bio Ronen Har-Zvi (born 13 October 1976) is an Israeli chess player and writer. Har-Zvi won the under-16 title at the World Youth Chess Champion in 1992. He holds the title of Grandmaster of chess since 1995.

Growing up in Israel, Har-Zvi was taught to play chess at age 5 by his grandfather.

In 2008, Har-Zvi finished second in the “Ciudad de Dos Hermanas”, the largest online chess tournament in the world. Har-Zvi lost 3.5-0.5 in the final to the untitled Jorge Sammour-Hasbun.

Har-Zvi is a regular expert commentator and host on the Internet Chess Club. He also operates an account, “Indiana-Jones”, with a peak rating of 3215 for blitz chess and 2947 for bullet chess. He is a columnist for CHESS magazine. Aside from chess, Har-Zvi works as a stock trader.[8] Until September 2009 he resided in Saratoga, New York with his wife Heather, whom he
met online at the Internet Chess Club, and their son, Aaron. In 2010, Har-Zvi became head chess coach at the University of Texas at Brownsville, and moved with his family to Brownsville, Texas replacing Grandmaster Gilberto Hernández Guerrero who had resigned from that position due to personal reasons.

Vol. 143 Classical Dragon This is part 4 final dvd on Dragon The Classical Dragon is White’s second most popular reply to the Sicilian Dragon next to the Yugoslav Attack. GM Timur will give you lines for both White and Black.

accelerated dragon

Volume 0140-0143 The Sicilian Dragon Series
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