Volume 0119: Anti-Gambit Guide 1.E4


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Foxy 119: Anti-Gambit Guide 1.E4

Video running time 2 hours 15 minutes

On this latest and all-new DVD for Foxy Openings, FIDE Senior Trainer and IM Andrew Martin shows antidotes to all of the most commonly-played gambits after 1 e4 and suggests that there is nothing to fear after all, as long as you treat these openings with respect

Vol 1 covers gambits with 1 e4 including:

The King’s Gambit
The Danish Gambit
The Goring Gambit
The Scotch Gambit
The Evans Gambit
The Morra Gambit
The Latvian Counter-Gambit
The Elephant Gambit
The Marshall Gambit

Volume 0119: Anti-Gambit Guide 1.E4
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