Sokolov Explains with GM Ivan Sokolov (Dvd Only)



This is the legendary Ivan Sokolov’s first ever DVD. It is with great pleasure and honour that Ginger GM is able to bring Ivan’s vast experience of our beautiful game to video.
Ivan has been part of the world’s chess elite for all of his adult life. In his youth Ivan was tipped by many as being a future world champion. His career has included victories over Kasparov and a large number of the world’s elite.
The lessons shown in the DVD are given with his unique insight and touch of humour.
Within this DVD the viewer will learn a great deal about Middlegame Pawn structures. Ivan looks at isolated pawns, symmetrical pawns and a vast array of other structures, whilst teaching us some valuable lessons. Ivan does this by first building up the position from its bare roots and then adding material, so each aspect of the position is understood.
Simon Williams aka the Ginger GM learnt a lot from Ivan’s clear yet in depth knowledge of the game and we are sure that you will feel the same after watching this DVD.
1: Introduction
2: Chapter 1 – part 1 – The Karpov Pawn Structure
3: Building the Position
4: Chapter 1: Part 2 – 1st Model Game: A.Karpov vs K.Georgiev, Tilburg, 1994, 1-0. ‘Keeping light square bishops on the board.
5: Chapter 1: Part 3 – 2nd Model Game: A.Karpov vs U.Boensch, Baden Baden, 1992, 1-0. ‘Exchanging light square bishops.’
6: Chapter 1: Part 4: 3rd Model Game: I,Sokolov vs J.Hector, Jonsson Mem, 2001, 1-0.
7: Chapter 2 – part 1 – The Isolated Pawn
8: Building the Position – Most often occurring from the Tarrasch Defence.
9: Chapter 2 – Part 2 – 4th Model Game: G.Kasparov vs M.Illescas Cordoba, Linares, 1994, 1-0. ‘Perfect play against the Isolated Pawn.’
10: Chapter 2 – Part 3 – 5th Model Game: A.Beliavsky vs M.Illescas Cordoba, Linares, 1990, 0-1. ‘A unique plan for Black.’
11: Chapter 2 – Part 4 – 6th Model Game: V.Ivanchuk vs L.Aronian, Morelia/Linares, 2007, 1-0. ‘Chucky Magic’
12: Chapter 3 – part 1 – Pawn Breaks with the Isolated Pawn
13: Building the Position
14: Chapter 3 – part 2 – 7th Model Game: V.Kramnik vs V.Anand. ‘The d5 Pawn Break’
15: Chapter 3 – part 3 – 8th Model Game: T.Petrosian vs B.Spassky, Moscow, 1971, 1-0. ‘Another look at the d5 Pawn Break.’
16: Chapter 3 – part 4 – 9th Model Game: I.Sokolov vs J.Polgar, Hoogeveen, 2003, 1-0. ‘Sokolov’s Evergreen Game.’
17: Chapter 4 – part 1 – Pawn Symmetry. ‘One side is more equal than the other side…’
18: Building the Position
19: Chapter 4 – part 2 – 10th Model Game: G.Kasparov vs A.Karpov, Seville, 1986, 22nd Game. – Winning in a Symmetric Position – Knight dominating the Bishop.
20: Chapter 4 – part 3 – 11th Model Game: Kramnik vs Leko, Rapid Game. Winning in a Symmetric position, second example – Bishop dominating a Bishop.
21: Chapter 4 – part 4 – 12th Model Game: I.Sokolov vs L.Brunner, Ockham, 1988, 1-0.
22: Conclusion
Product Information

Running time: 3 hours 45 minutes.
System Requirements: Plays on all systems.

Sokolov Explains with GM Ivan Sokolov (Dvd Only)
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