Scandinavian Nf6 and Qxd5 Centre Counter Player




VOLUME 95 – Highly Instructive & Educational Games for the Scandinavian Nf6 & Qxd5 Center Counter Player
Grandmaster Roman Dzinzichashvili
Over 96 Minutes

On this DVD, Grandmaster Roman Dzinzichashvili examines games that were played in the Scandinavian Nf6 and the Center-Counter Qxd5. The games includes are very typical of the opening and are extremely helpful for players of all levels. You will see the ideas and themes of the opening integrated in every games. Games are selected to outline main idea described in the opening analysis and have great practical value. Roman will also cover what lines to avoid in the Scandinavian. This DVD is a follow up to Roman’s Lab #17 & #24.

Scandinavian Nf6 and Qxd5 Centre Counter Player
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