FoxyNewVol.179 Foxy Dominating_Endgame_ Part 2




Foxy DVD Series – Vol 179
For The Tournament Player Vol.2
Hosted by GM Ron W. Henley, this is the first of the 3-volume series that will open your mind to what is possible and essential to dominate your endgames. These amazing endgame compositions will help you become a better player and get to the next level.

Domination in 2545 Studies Ghenrikh Kasparyan

This classic work was first published in Russia in 1974 and then in English in 1980. It soon captured the imagination of serious chess players around the world. This work was produced in the era where computers were as yet of little use, making it a truly a monumental undertaking. It includes endgame studies of many of the finest chess composers in the world (primarily Russian). It became an indispensable training tool for generations of Russian Masters. Genrikh was an International Master and 10 time Armenian Champion.

FoxyNewVol.179 Foxy Dominating_Endgame_ Part 2
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