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For less than 1 dollar an hour you can get private lessons from former U.S. and Russian Champion GM Roman Dzindzihasvilli (trained Karpov Kamsky & Kasparov) retain 70% more than reading a book.

Content included includes Openings, middlegame, endgames, chess strategy, chess tactics the Russian school of chess, Think & Play like a GM, Nimzowitsch My System,A Tribute to Bobby Fischer and the ECO of chess openings which is the cliff notes of chess. Roman covers 47 different openings which were based on the work he did on Lev Alburts #1 Bestselling 2 books Chess Openings for White & Black Explained.
This is a great way for the busy chessplayer to cram for a tournament.
Roman will teach you 1 or 2 easy to learn lines for black and white. Where you can get a comfortable position and if your opponent goes wrong you will be able to punish them.

There are lots of novelties that Roman has created with the help of chess computer Rybka that are not available in any books. These 117 digital lessons will take your chess skills to the next level, recommended for advanced Novice to GrandMaster. Yes several GM’s and even 1 World Champion have watched learned and used material Roman Recommended

One GM who was out of chess for a few years said quote I will just watch Roman videos why try and reinvent the wheel. Feedback from Roman Student, It is easy to remember ideas and concepts than trying to memorize long lines.
I learn the Dzindzi-Indian 27 years ago from a Roman Video and I am still winning with it.
Chess is hard but Roman makes it as simple as possible.


Daniel Johnston

I Beat G.M. Shabalov

On what I learned about the Nimzo Indian from Romans dvd

When I played GM Alexander Shabalov

I assumed that I would get crushed after all it was the first time
that I ever played a grandmaster especially one of Shabalov’s
After a few moves though that all changed. I first started watching
Romans DVDs when I saw the one on Bobby Fischer. Like many people, I
loved him as a chess player, but of all the books I have read none
of that was as enjoyable as watching a Roman.I started buying more of his DVDs, putting them on Fritz, and studying them.

That was why I was so confident after an opening move!! Roman had told the world on 1 of his DVDs (Roman Forum #34) that a certain move in the Nimzo Indian was very bad, Shabalov made that move, I then used Romans recommendation to beat it by first winning a pawn. It seemed like White

had a pretty good attack but it was easy to neutralize it. I would definitely recommend a few, if not all his DVDs.

Roman Complete Digital Set 1-117 On DvD
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