Play The Sicilian Part 1 (Najdorf)


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Grandmaster Repetoire DVD Series
Play The Sicilian Part 1 (Najdorf) by Walter Browne
79 minutes

GM Walter Browne. In the first volume of a two-volume dvd series, Six-Time US Champion GM Walter Browne, with the assistance of GM Ron Henley, discusses and analyzes the various methods that White has at his disposal to avoid the full-blooded confrontation of the Najdorf. Browne systematically explores White systems such as the Closed Sicilian, Grand Prix Attack, 3.Bb5+, the Alapin Variation, and others, as he delivers the viewer his fine-tuned remedies for the player with the Black pieces who has been diverted from his Najdorf (or Dragon or Scheveningen) intent.

Play The Sicilian Part 1 (Najdorf)
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