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Are you a beginner and want to Learn How To Play Chess In 1 Hour For Free in a short period of time? Then you must visit Chessondemand. It is an online chess learning platform where people learn chess by watching videos, purchasing DVDs, and practicing chess solo on the internet. There are several chess videos available on Chessondemand through which you can learn how to play chess in 1 hour for free. All the videos at Chessondemand are of master method chess. By watching videos you can learn from the Grand Masters of chess while sitting at your home. Learning chess through videos from Chessondemand is not at all costly and highly convenient. Watch all the videos available on the website and become a chess expert.

Let’s have a look at what we can learn from these videos.

  • How to Move the pieces

The game of chess is a royal game. Friends and family are the ones with whom you can play this mind game called chess. By watching the video of how to move the pieces you will be able to learn how chess pieces move on the board and in what direction. The board of chess is of measurement 8 × 8. There are 64 squares on the board and a total 32 number of pieces. The game of chess is won when you checkmate and eliminate the king. At one time the king can move one step in any direction. Another important piece in the game of chess is Queen. The most powerful piece in the game of chess is the queen.

The queen can move in all directions just like the king, but the queen can move a number of steps than a king. The next piece in the game is the rook. The Rook can move forward, backward, and sideways. The bishop moves diagonally on the board. There are two bishops on the inside. The knight is the one piece in the game of chess that doesn’t move in straight directions. The knight will move two squires in straight directions and then it turns. The last pieces are the Pawns. The pawn will move one step forward each time. 

  • How to set the board of chess?

Starting from your lower left the light square will be filled first with the Pawn. The complete lower row will be filled with the pawns. Then in your upper left square, there will be the Rook in the dark square. Along with the rook moving towards your right, there will be the knight, then bishop, then queen, then king, then bishop, then knight, and the last is the rook. Both sides of the board will be set up in this particular manner. 

  • What are the opening principles?

The game of chess is highly dependent on the principles. The videos available on Chessondemand are of great Grand Masters of chess. If an emerging chess player learns all the principles of the greatest chess players then he can definitely master the game. By watching opening principal videos you will learn different opening techniques and principles of different chess experts. You will be able to learn how to control the center, how to develop your pieces, how to develop your pieces, how to protect your king, how active pieces work, how to make great strategy regarding your opponent moves, and understand the different phases of the game.

  • How to win the game?

Winning the game of chess is more of strategies, planning, tactics, and great moves. By watching the videos learn how to make a checkmate in four moves, how to manage assisted checkmate, how to checkmate with one rooks or two rooks, how to checkmate with a queen, and many other game willing methods. Have your chess learning from chess experts and become a master of this game. 

  • How to capture pieces

To play the game of chess it is crucial for a player to know how to capture pieces of your opponent. By watching videos on Chessondemand you will learn the value of each and every piece. Not just this you will also learn how to counting capture pieces and pin the pieces. Watch all the videos and learn the capturing methods.

Learn how to play chess in 1 hour for free from Chessondemand. It is the best chess learning platform that provides chess learning in different forms. The best among all is learning chess by watching Master method chess videos. Visit chessondemand.com and enjoy learning chess.


Learn How To Play Chess In 1 Hour For Free | Chessondemand

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