Volume 0076: Hippo


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82 Minutes Running Time

Hippopotamus chess opening stands out, offering everyone the chance to play chess in an original and interesting way. Black plays his pawns up to the third rank (lying low in the water like the hippopotamus himself), perhaps fianchettos both Bishops and bides his time, waiting for the right moment to strike. But perhaps the best thing about the Hippopotamus is that, for once, there is no fixed theory: you can tailor the opening to suit yourself.

On this dvd Andrew Martin Author of the book Hippopotamus Rises brings you an orginal and provocative opening for Black.
Blacks meets all of whites responses with 1…b6 followed by a timely g6.
You will differently catch your opponet off guard with no theory to fall back on. Great surprise Weapon!!!!

Volume 0076: Hippo
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