Secrets of Positional Sacrifices: Available Only on DVD



Secrets of Positional Sacrifices: DVD
In this DVD, legendary Grandmaster Ivan Sokolov looks at the secret techniques that you will need in order to become an expert in positional sacrifices. Ivan, twice Dutch Champion has a wealth of experience, including a victory over Kasparov. He aims to share some of the knowledge with you in this DVD.
Ivan has only presented for Ginger GM and by looking at ten instructive games, his secrets will be passed on to you.
Not sure when to sacrifice? – Ivan will help you decide.
Not sure what makes a good sacrifice? – Ivan guides you.
What is a positional sacrifice? – That is what this DVD is all about!
If you want to improve as an attacking and exciting player then this is just the DVD for you.
Chapter 1: Sacrifices Relating to Dynamic Pawn Structures
Game 1 (18:28): Viswanathan Anand vs Hao Wang, Tata Steel-A, 73rd Wijk aan Zee, 2011, 1-0.
Game 2 (05:48): Konstantin Sakaev vs Vladimir Belov, 56th RUS-ch, Krasnoyarsk, 2003, 1-0.
Game 3 (19:04): Garry Kasparov vs Ralf Akesson, Wch U20, Dortmund, 1980, 1-0.
Game 4 (13:04): Ivan Sokolov vs Aleksandr Lenderman, Reykjavik Open, 2010, 1-0.
Chapter 2: Sacrifices to Destroy the Opponents Pawn Structure
Game 5 (11:32): Peter Svidler vs Victor Bologan, Blitz World Championships, 2012. 1-0.
Game 6 (13:41): Dimitri Reinderman vs Ivan Sokolov, Tch-NED, 2001, 0-1.
Game 7 (21:50): Garry Kasparov vs Jan Timman, Hilversum KRO, 1985, 1-0.
Game 8 (19:46): Anatoly Karpov vs Boris Gelfand, Linares, ESP, 1993, 1-0.
Chapter 3: Positional Sacrifices to Improve a Piece
Game 9 (19:47): Vladimir Kramnik vs Garry Kasparov, Linares, ESP, 1994, 1-0.
Game 10 (16:06): Garry Kasparov vs Alexey Shirov, Horgen, SWZ, 1994, 1-0.

Secrets of Positional Sacrifices: Available Only on DVD
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