Russian School of Chess Part 1




Volume 62 Part1

Russian School of Chess Part 1

Retrain Your Chess Thinking Series
Established Method to improve your Chess

Reviewed by John Elburg

Russian School of Chess- Retrain Your Chess ThinkingFormula for how to developed your pieces Properly for future activity and piece co-ordination

This Series is one of the most instructional dvds Roman has ever produced and is highly recommended for all players as well as Coaches.

The Russian school of Chess has produced through a formula of methods and patterns some of the greatest players of all time.
On this dvd #62 Roman will explain step by step how to developed your pieces for the best possible future activity and Co-ordination

Also Covered on this dvd

*The Russian School of Chess,

*Correct Way to Think*
*Basic Positional Componets
*Blockade & Out Posts
*Attack only if its justified
*Secret Of Opposite side Castling
*Similar Patterns in the Opening

Concrete Thinking in the Opening

Russian School of Chess Part 1
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