Roman Foundation of Chess



Roman’s Lab Vol 1 – Learning Openings the easy way, trap& Novelties

Volume 0002r: Sacrifices, Tactics, Traps that End Games in Open

Volume 0003r: Transition to the Middlegame

Volume 0004r: Art of the Middlegame

Volume 0051r – Building Powerful Attacks by Learning Piece

Volume 0052r – Finding Tactical Solutions in Overwhelming

Volume 0053r – 53 Improve Your Ability to Calculate Variations

Volume 0054r – Getting the Winning Edge in the Middle Game

Volume 0057r – Man vs. Machine (4-4) 2 Wins 2 Draws 2 Losses

Volume 0058r – Taking Advantage of Common Endgame

Volume 0085r: Understanding The ConCept Of the Middlegame Based

Volume 0018r Blitz Computer

Roman Foundation of Chess
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