Volume 0068: Kasparov’s Deadly Weapon – The Scotch Game

Volume 0094: Modern repertoire for White using the Scotch

Volume 0148: The Deadly Scotch (Part 1 of 3)

Volume 0149: The Deadly Scotch (Part 2 of 3)

Volume 0172:Kasparov’s Killer Scotch Trnmnt Player Part1 GM Ron

Volume 0173:Kasparov’s Killer Scotch Trnmnt Player Part2 GM Ron

Volume 0174:Kasparov’s Killer Scotch Trnmnt Player Part3 GM Ron

Volume 0022r – The Scotch & Giuoco Openings

Volume 0041r -New Lines and Novelties in The Scotch and f4

Volume 0087r: Highly Instructive and Educational games

Deadly Scotch
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