Comprehensive Chess Endings 1




Comprehensive Chess Endings part 1

Roman recommends that you learn and understand the end game so you will know ahead of time whether it is won, lost or drawn. These lessons by Roman will help you determine whether you should go into the endgame or avoid it.

Lessons in Volume 8:

King and Pawn Endings
More King and Pawn Endings
Practical Rook and Pawn Endings
Tactical Rook Endings
Basic Principles of Minor Piece Endings
Queen and Pawn Endings
GrandMaster Roman Dzindzichashvili:

Former two time U.S. Champion & Russian Champion
World Open Winner, Writer & Teacher
Former Chess Coach & Trainer for World Champions Gary Kasparov & Anatoly Karpov
Total running time over 2 hours

Comprehensive Chess Endings 1
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