Winning with new attacking lines against popular openings




On this dvd Roman Updates his Best Selling DVD Crushing lines (RomanVol.33) covering The Alekhine Defence,

French , Caro-kann and now included The Center Counter. With the help of Rybka Roman has given the edge back to white in all these openings and created a whole new opening Gambit in the center counter. Roman created a new way to play against the Center Counter by giving up a pawn early in the game with leads
to extra time and space for White. Romans understands black has already made 3 Queen moves and by giving up a pawn causes black to fall even further behind in development a great concept that works well since making 5-6 Queen moves for Black cannot be good. Rybka at first did not like Romans gambit idea however it did not take long before Rybka was giving white a plus score.

Roman does equally well with his ideas in the French, Alekhine, and Caro-Kann.

Stop wasting time searching everywhere for opening winning lines they are all on this DVD.

Winning with new attacking lines against popular openings
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